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Writers of Avatar: The Last Airbender: So do you guys want Season 4 of Avatar??








Jinora: Kai, help!

Tenzin: I’m coming, Jinora!

Jinora: Bitch who asked you?


Makorra isn’t going to end, Bryke.

Wanna know why?

Because they’ll ALWAYS love each other.


Haha remember that time Katara realized her one “cool” teacher was actually a serial killer?  Kid’s shows, man.


I like to believe that all of the air nation, even the young children, were so spiritually connected that when the fire nation attacked they left their physical bodies and transferred to the spirit world to live as one with the spirits like Iroh did, and finally when korra merged the spirit world…


one thing i never got about the avatar: tla universe is when the kids would dress up and go into hiding in another nation, no one once pointed out their eyes???

like yes hello i am from the fire nation you can tell by my baby blue eyes


thats what i like about these 2 episodes. you can clearly see the 2 gaps of what a “villain” can be and what is like to be a true bag of dicks.

bison wearing man for example was a bag of dicks because he clearly knew he was doing something bad and did it anyway for his personal gain

Zaheer and…

The Metal Clan extras


First, I want to say this now just in case my thoughts became right. I think Opal is shady, I feel as if this girl is gonna do something bad and Idk why. Opal is really cute and nice.


Second, Korra I love you (not as much as Lin) but don’t you yell at Lin!!! It broke my heart seeing Lin cry. I kinda teared up.


Third, WOOT WOOT! DAMN Toph was getting it, 2 different daddies I support that and also another WOOT to the fact that Toph might still be alive.